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Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management

JEAM Volume 8, Issue 1

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  • Identification of the Characteristics of the Industrial System of the Multilevel Urban Agglomeration in the Pearl River Delta

pp. 1-17 | DOI: 10.5890/JEAM.2020.03.001

Yao Song, Yanxu Yu, Jiansu Mao

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  • Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yields: Evidence from Irrigated and Dry Land Cultivation in Semi-Arid Region of India

pp. 19-30 | DOI: 10.5890/JEAM.2020.03.002

Rajesh Kalli, Pradyot Ranjan Jena

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  • Comparative Analysis of Tree, Meta-learning and Function Classifiers to Predict the Atmospheric Concentration of NO2

pp. 31-39 | DOI: 10.5890/JEAM.2020.03.003

Adven Masih

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  • Congestion Chargesin Mega Cities: On Affection and Effectiveness

pp. 41-54 | DOI: 10.5890/JEAM.2020.03.004

Yanhong Yuan, Guomin Li, Rongxia Zhang, Wei Li, Qingqing Fan

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  • Emergy Synthesis of Food Preparation and Diets in the “Green” Urban District Rosendal, in Uppsala, Sweden

pp. 55-71 | DOI: 10.5890/JEAM.2020.03.005

Jacinda J. Maassen, Torbj¨orn Rydberg, Daniel Bergquist

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  • A Systematic Review on Anaerobic Textile Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Influence of Processes, Microbial Communities and Bioreactors

pp. 73-91 | DOI: 10.5890/JEAM.2020.03.006

Innocent Tayari Mwizerwa1, Yu Wang, Xiaoguang Chen,

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  • Declining DiscountRate Estimate in the Long-Term Economic Evaluation of Environmental Projects

pp. 93-110 | DOI: 10.5890/JEAM.2020.03.007

Antonio Nestic` o, Gabriella Maselli

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