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Journal of Vibration Testing and System Dynamics

JVTSD Volume 4, Issue 1

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  • The Stability and Bifurcation of the (2m)th-degree Polynomial Systems

pp. 1-42 | DOI: 10.5890/JVTSD.2020.03.001

Albert C. J. Luo

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  • Application of Bayesian Decision Tree Algorithm in Breast Cancer Prediction

pp. 43-49 | DOI: 10.5890/JVTSD.2020.03.002

Yang Xiang, Lin-Lu Dong, Hong Song, Kun-jian Yu

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  • Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Rotor-Bearing System and Experimental Validation

pp. 51-63 | DOI: 10.5890/JVTSD.2020.03.003

Jiarong Liu, Zhong Luo, Zhe Ding, Jinwen Wang

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  • Viscous and Ohmic Heating Effects on MHD Flow of Nanofluid Past a Porous Stretching Sheet with Thermal Radiation and Heat Generation/Absorption: Copper-Alumina Water

pp. 65-78 | DOI: 10.5890/JVTSD.2020.03.004

M. Thiagarajan, M. Dinesh Kumar

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  • Analysis of Mass Transport in a Turbulent Flame Using Lagrangian Coherent Structures

pp. 79-93 | DOI: 10.5890/JVTSD.2020.03.005

Shengli Cao, Jiazhong Zhang, Yoshihiro Deguchi, Nannan Dang, Shaohua Tian

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