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Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity

DNC Volume 9, Issue 4

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  • Uniqueness and Non-Uniqueness of Signed Measure-Valued Solutions to the Continuity Equation

pp. 489-497 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.001

Paolo Bonicatto

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  • Integrability and Jacobi last multipliers of cubic Liénard differential equations with quadratic damping

pp. 499-507 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.002

Maria V. Demina

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  • Lax Equation on the Uhlenbeck Manifold

pp. 509-518 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.003

Ya. Dymarskii

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  • Periodic Behavior of Maps Obtained by Small Perturbations of Smooth Skew Products

pp. 519-523 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.004

L.S. Efremova

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  • On the Extreme Points of the Unit Ball in the Space of Solenoidal Vector Measures on the Plane

pp. 525-528 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.005

Nikolay A. Gusev

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  • Dynamical System Model with the use of Liouville Equation for Empirical Distribution Function Densities

pp. 529-540 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.006

Alexey A. Kislitsyn, Yurii N. Orlov

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  • Monotone Maps on Dendrites

pp. 541-552 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.007

E. N. Makhrova

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  • Ekeland’s Variational Principle for Functions Unbounded from below

pp. 553-558 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.008

R. Sengupta, S. Zhukovskiy

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  • Complex Geometry of Universal Teichm¨uller Space

pp. 559-565 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.009

Armen Sergeev

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  • One-Particle Approximation as a Simple Playground for Irreversible Quantum Evolution

pp. 567-577 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.010

A.E. Teretenkov

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  • Non-Autonomous Dynamics and Product Formula Approximation of Solution Operator

pp. 579-590 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.011

Valentin A. Zagrebnov

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  • Weak Compactness Problem for Sets of Bounded Radon Measures on Various Topological Spaces

pp. 591-605 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.012

Valeriy K. Zakharov, Timofey V. Rodionov

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  • Evaluation of Chaotic Properties Of CBC Mode of Encryption Embedded with RC5 Block Cipher Algorithm

pp. 607-618 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.013

Abdessalem Abidi, Christophe Guyeux, Mohsen Machhout

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  • Vibration and Stability Analysis Comparison for Nanoshell and Piezoelectric Nanoshell Subjected to Electrostatic Excitation

pp. 619-646 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.014

Sayyid H. Hashemi Kachapi

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  • Iterative Method for Non-Stationary Mixed Variational Inequalities

pp. 647-655 | DOI: 10.5890/DNC.2020.12.015


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