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Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity

Dimitry Volchenkov (editor), Dumitru Baleanu (editor)

Dimitry Volchenkov(editor)

Mathematics & Statistics, Texas Tech University, 1108 Memorial Circle, Lubbock, TX 79409, USA


Dumitru Baleanu (editor)

Cankaya University, Ankara, Turkey; Institute of Space Sciences, Magurele-Bucharest, Romania


Asymptotic Stability of Caputo Fractional Singular Differential Systems with Multiple Delays

Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity 7(3) (2018) 243--251 | DOI:10.5890/DNC.2018.09.003

Sivaraj Priyadharsini$^{1}$, Venkatesan Govindaraj$^{2}$

$^{1}$ Department of Mathematics, Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Coimbatore-641 008, India

$^{2}$ Department of Science and Humanities, National Institute of Technology Puducherry, Karaikal-609 609, India

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In this work, Lyapunov functions combining Matrix inequalities or Matrix equations are developed to analyze the asymptotic stability of Caputo fractional singular systems with multiple time-varying delay. Integer-order derivatives of the Lyapunov functions are used to derive asymptotic stability criteria. The main advantage of applying stability criteria is that no need of solving roots of transcendental equations. Some examples are provided to explain the effectiveness of the proposed criteria.


The authors wish to thank the anonymous referees for their very careful reading of the manuscript and fruitful comments and suggestions.


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