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Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity

Dimitry Volchenkov (editor), Dumitru Baleanu (editor)

Dimitry Volchenkov(editor)

Mathematics & Statistics, Texas Tech University, 1108 Memorial Circle, Lubbock, TX 79409, USA


Dumitru Baleanu (editor)

Cankaya University, Ankara, Turkey; Institute of Space Sciences, Magurele-Bucharest, Romania


New Stability Estimates of Solutions to Strong Damped Wave Equation with Logarithmic External Forces

Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity 10(4) (2021) 625--634 | DOI:10.5890/DNC.2021.12.004

Nabil Houma$^1$, Khaled Zennir$^2$ , Abderrahmane Beniani$^3$, Abdelhak Djebabela$^1$

$^1$ Department of mathematics, University Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algeria

$^2$ Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences and Arts, Qassim University, Ar-Rass, Saudi Arabia

$^3$ Laboratory ACEDP, Center University of Belhadj Bouchaib -B.P. 284 RP, Ain Temouchent 46000, Algeria

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In ths paper, we consider a new stability results of solutions to class of wave equations with weak, strong damping terms and logarithmic source in $\mathbb{R}^n$. We prove general stability estimates by introducing suitable Lyapunov functional.


The author expresses sincerely thanks to the referees for their constructive comments and suggestions that helped to improve this paper. \begin{thebibliography}{999}


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