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Journal of Vibration Testing and System Dynamics

C. Steve Suh (editor), Pawel Olejnik (editor),

Xianguo Tuo (editor)

Pawel Olejnik (editor)

Lodz University of Technology, Poland


C. Steve Suh (editor)

Texas A&M University, USA


Xiangguo Tuo (editor)

Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, China


Symmetry Analysis and Reductions Through Conservation Laws of a Generalized Bogoyavlensky-Konopelchenko Equation in $(2+1)$-Dimensions

Journal of Vibration Testing and System Dynamics 5(3) (2021) 249--257 | DOI:10.5890/JVTSD.2021.09.005

M.S. Bruz 'on, M.L. Gandarias

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, C'adiz University, Puerto Real, 11510, Spain

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In this paper we obtain Lie symmetries and travelling wave solutions for a generalized Bogoyavlensky-Konopelchenko equation in $(2+1)$-dimensions. Moreover, we determine some low-order conservation laws which are invariant under the translation symmetry; consequently they are inherited by the reduced differential equations.


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