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Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics
Miguel A. F. Sanjuan (editor), Albert C.J. Luo (editor)
Miguel A. F. Sanjuan (editor)

Department of Physics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, 28933 Mostoles, Madrid, Spain


Albert C.J. Luo (editor)

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Southern Illinois University Ed-wardsville, IL 62026-1805, USA

Fax: +1 618 650 2555 Email:

Effect of Magnetic Field and Non-Uniform Surface on Squeeze Film Lubrication

Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics 9(2) (2020) 223--230 | DOI:10.5890/JAND.2020.06.005

P. Muthu, V. Pujitha

Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology, Warangal-506004. Telangana, India

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In the present paper, the combined effect of magnetic field and nonuniform shape of the surface on squeeze film characteristics is investigated. The non-uniform squeeze film thickness is calculated using Lagrange interpolation technique. Numerical integration procedure is used to obtain the solution for pressure, load carrying capacity. The effects of field parameters on squeeze film characteristics are discussed and are presented graphically. It is observed that externally applied magnetic field and non-uniform shape of the bearing surface enhance the squeeze film lubrication.


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