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Journal of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics
Miguel A. F. Sanjuan (editor), Albert C.J. Luo (editor)
Miguel A. F. Sanjuan (editor)

Department of Physics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, 28933 Mostoles, Madrid, Spain


Albert C.J. Luo (editor)

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Southern Illinois University Ed-wardsville, IL 62026-1805, USA

Fax: +1 618 650 2555 Email:

Existence and Stability Results for Boundary Value Problem for Differential Equation with ψ-Hilfer Fractional Derivative

Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management 8(2) (2019) 251--259 | DOI:10.5890/JAND.2019.06.008

S. Harikrishnan, K. Kanagarajan, D. Vivek

Department of Mathematics, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore-641020, India

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In this paper, we discuss the existence, uniqueness and stability of boundary value problem for differential equations with ψ-Hilfer fractional derivative. The arguments are based upon Schaefer’s fixed point theorem, Banach contraction principle and ulam type stability.


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